Rewards of Coaching

When I began this year as an instructional coach the one word I thought that would describe my new endeavor was > Challenging.

I was wrong > Rewarding…nothing but rewarding.

I began my teaching career fresh from the college classroom and without the benefit of student teaching.  Since I was a single parent and could not afford to work for free, I was forced to begin without knowing exactly what I was getting myself into…that was challenging.  How I longed to have someone to listen, a support for the many questions that I had, and a cheerleading force of positivity in my corner telling me “you’ve got this”.  

So when I began to coach novice middle school teachers not really knowing what to expect from this path either, I once again expected a challenge.  What I have found has been so much more.  I have found the reward in being that one to listen, to support, and to cheer.  I have been coaching for 6 months and have seen teachers grow in confidence and will.  How rewarding to be part of a program that allows teachers to find their potential as a champion of education.

Each of the novice teachers that I coach have grown in some way and share that with other team members and their students.  Instead of seeing the small gains of my one classroom and the handful of students that I taught, I am able to witness the widespread success of several teachers in several buildings.  Again…what a reward.

Elena Aguilar said that “helping a teacher or leader figure out how to manage his/her job better or how to enjoy it more can be very satisfying.”(2011)  I couldn’t agree more. 

References:Five Things to Consider Before Becoming an Instructional Coach by Elena Aguilar (2011)

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