"Mom, why do you always do that?" Slice of Life: Day 1

My slice of life story begins with a little slice of breakfast.  My family is rarely able to have breakfast together with husband leaving before 4AM (life of a soldier) and myself left to wake, dress, feed, and get to prospective places the children, so weekends are breakfast time at our home.  Today was one of those treasured moments when we all get to partake in a lovely brunch as a family.

Hubby and I quickly began preparing the meal of bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, OJ, and Milk.  Our oldest entertained the youngest two with Sophia the First and then helped by setting the table.  Our lone boy, was lost in his DS as per usual.  After the eggs were scrambled, the sausage fried, the bacon burnt, and the pancakes flipped, we all sat down to a wonderfully set table.

I had only to help with the drinks and supply the ever loved and much necessary syrup.  Oh, but the syrup.  That rich, buttery Aunt Jemima syrup was placed on the table with only a thin and I mean very, very thin layer coating the bottom of the bottle.  I saw five sets of eyes look at the bottle and then look at me.  Will this be enough for six people of hearty appetite? Not likely.

So, I did what any mother would do.  I addressed the syrupy elephant in the room with an acknowledgement that there was not a lot and we should all take just what we needed making sure each of us got some.  I watched with pride as my four children each got a little.  My oldest again helping her little sisters.  Hubby took his turn next and I returned the bottle to the table passing on my portion.

When my “as though they have never eaten before” brood took seconds of pancakes, I passed the bottle of syrup around and again all took their portion saving some for the next.  When done,  my oldest of 12 said, “Mom, why do you always do that? Why do you sacrifice what you want to make sure we get what we want?” Aww…She noticed.  I was almost brought to tears that my small act of skipping syrup was noticed on such a grand scale.

I explained that she had done the same thing by taking a little instead of the usual ocean of syrup she loves to allow pancakes to drown in.  She gave me a smirky smile and I knew she understood it was more than that and not an isolated incident.  What a treasure when your motherly kindness is noticed by those you love the most.  I can only hope it continues to prompt her to do the same.

10 thoughts on “"Mom, why do you always do that?" Slice of Life: Day 1

  1. Loved joining your family for brunch and what a thoughtful bunch they are! Great description of that bottle of syrup – “That rich, buttery Aunt Jemima syrup was placed on the table with only a thin and I mean very, very thin layer coating the bottom of the bottle.” So fun that your daughter noticed your sacrifice.


  2. This reminds me of my own mom always eating the heals of the bread, claiming she loved them, but really couldn't see them go to waste because no one else wanted them. What a thoughtful daughter you have that she noticed and commented-there's empathy for you! I'm kind of embarrassed to tell you I have about 40 pints of pure maple syrup (liquid gold) in my pantry left over from last spring's maple syrup season. We will begin the whole process again in a few weeks when it warms above freezing!


  3. That sentiment is so true. In fact, I will have to pin that graphic since I want to use it again some time.

    BTW: I'm glad you joined the SOLSC today. When you leave your link over at Two Writing Teachers, please leave the permalink to your post in the body of the comment. (You left the URL to your blog, not the permalink. The permalink from this post is http://middleschoolcoaching.blogspot.com/2015/03/mom-why-do-you-always-do-that-slice-of.html.) LMK if you have any questions.


  4. I wish I had access to your pantry. Hubby has since gone to the store and purchased two bottles so that next time we have a spare. I bet nothing beats that pure maple syrup taste. My parents visited Vermont last year and brought a bottle home for us that did not last very long at all. Thank you so much for reading and sharing with me.


  5. Enjoyed the slice of breakfast with you and your family. I know your daughter's words were much sweeter than syrup. Last weekend my college daughter was home and her boyfriend was here, too. I made a favorite of theirs, waffles, before I realized we had a syrup problem. I remembered my favorite cookbook, The More With Less Cookbook, had a quick, easy recipe for syrup I had used a long time ago. That hot syrup was so good!

    Glad you are joining us for the SOLSC.

    P.S. Thanks to you and your family for your service. (I was an Air Force wife, then later an Army wife when my husband went back into the military as a chaplain 12 years after the Air Force. I was also a Marine mom.- my son is now medically retired…but you know, once a Marine, always a Marine.)


  6. I think that is so great that one of your kids noticed your sacrifices for them, no matter how small. I was much older when I started to notice the things my parents did for me. Such a nice heartfelt slice!


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