Putting the Girls to Bed: Headache or Joy?

Putting the girls to bed has become a treasured chore for my husband and I. I say chore because it is not always the easiest endeavor.  Last night went easier than most but our three year old had a big part in that.  The one year old was changed, pajamaed, watered, read to, kissed and put to bed.  She is the easy one.  The three year old is next, and oh what a challenge she is.  She is a little ball of mischievousness but in a so adorable you want to squeeze her way.

And the three year old’s before bed time demands begin.

Abby: “Im thirsty.”

So daddy gets her some water and then asks me if I want some also because the water is so Nice!  I look at the bottle and we have a chuckle over my husband’s weird sense of humor, which I love.  Next, the squirming tot is slid into pajamas and mid pull and tuck…

Abby: “I need to go to the bathroom.”

So mommy escorts her to the bathroom where she promptly tells me she needs privacy and closes the door.  Two seconds go by before the door is open and I am being asked to help, this I knew was what was to happen next, it happens every night.  Bathroom done including washing hands (translation – playing in the sink with soap and water), brushing teeth, finishing of insertion into pajamas.

Abby: “I want to jump.”

This is the ritual daddy started where he allows our daredevil of a child to jump on our bed.  She climbs on the footboard and falls backwards onto the mattress.  I let it continue for a full minute before I say one more time.

Abby: “3?”
Daddy: “How about 3 more, since your 3.”
Abby: “I’m 5.”
Daddy: with a chuckle, “No, your 3”
Abby: “Okay, you right.”

Abby is finally placed in bed after much more than 3 or 5 more jumps and daddy and I leave the room feeling overwhelmed with the happiness that comes from simply spending time putting our child to bed.

Have you ever reflected on a daily chore and realized how much you would miss it if you weren’t able to complete the task anymore?  We also have two older children and I wonder what they would do if I decided to take this time with them.  Would they let me or think me a bother?

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3 thoughts on “Putting the Girls to Bed: Headache or Joy?

  1. i so enjoyed your post – especially Abby's responses. They made me laugh. I love that it is a treasured chore – something that does have to be joy and good for you for making a wonderful experience for all of you. Try it with your older kids – 'sneak' them a cookie before bed, sit on their bed and talk, tell a terrible joke and let them moan. I know my older kids love this as much as the little one. Just wait until Abby is asleep! Great slice!


  2. Reading about your “treasured chore” was a good reminder. I really connected with this piece because I also have a 1- and 3-year-old and bedtime is indeed an event at our home. I love how you used dialogue in your piece to share your daughter's personality and voice! This was a fun read!


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