Remembering when my Dad was a Child: Slice of Life Day 6

     I spent time today reflecting on the past. This, in itself, is not that unusual, however, the interesting part is that I was reflecting on my father’s past, a past I never witnessed.  My father started my trip down his own memory lane today when he shared birthday wishes for his uncle.  He made me wonder how often we think about the past.  Do we typically look back with fondness and long for those days again? Or are we so in the present we remember but forget how we got here?  

     My two younger sisters and I spent time last night reminiscing over a trip we took years earlier.  We talked, we told stories, we corrected each other’s memories, we laughed and we cried.  Thanks to modern technology the baby sister was able to pull photos up on her phone from seven years earlier.  At one point after wiping “laugh till you cry” tears from my eyes, I looked over to see our father smiling with pride.  Our fond memories had even brought delight to someone that wasn’t even present for them.

     When I read my father’s words to my uncle, he did the same for me.  I smiled and wished there was a phone full of photos for my father to scroll through and share with me.  I have heard the stories and seen the black and whites but I will never fully be able to “see” his memories.  What a shame.  But I will always be one thats look back with fondness at my own memories and those that loved ones entrust me with.  

Thanks Daddy and 
Happy Birthday Uncle Jacob!!  

During the month of March 2015, I will be completing a daily blog as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! More Slice of Life posts from other bloggers can be found on Two Writing Teachers. READ & JOIN US! You can sign up here!

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