Spring Forward to International Women’s Day: Slice of Life Day 8

I was all prepared to write about Spring Forward and how much I dislike this day. Losing an hour of my day, having to get my 4 children adjusted to the change, getting adjusted myself. But, I opened my laptop this morning to a Google Doodle and was intrigued.  

International Women’s Day? What’s that? As a woman, I felt I should at least know what this doodle was all about. The theme for this year is “make it happen” and strives to encourage effective action for advancing and recognizing women. A UK based article stated that “Google has celebrated International Women’s Day with a doodle presenting women in high achieving roles as astronauts, scientists, athletes, teachers, musicians, chefs and writers – roles that were once reserved solely for men.” It is nice to know that equality for women is being seen.  

I believe a big part of this is how we as educators view girls in the classroom. Teachers need to encourage those girls that have a love for science and math.  My oldest joined the schools robotics team this year. She is the only girl on the team, but she did not let that stop her. She also took 1st place at her school’s science fair for Physics. I understand that she is in the 6th grade and that continuing to encourage her through the rest of her education is key. 

Time.com stated that while one of the biggest improvements was on education there is still work to be done. “Since 1995, we’ve reached a point where girls and boys worldwide are enrolling in primary school at almost equal rates. That is a huge step forward. The next step is secondary school, where the gender gap widens again.”  

As an educator and mother of girls this is a topic I am glad to be more aware of thanks to Google.

Google Home Page

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