Sunday Night Routine

I am still exhausted from the loss of an hour that was yesterday. Sunday nights are always a big deal in our home, but with less time I’m feeling it.  There is so much to do to get ready for the upcoming week, but fortunately, we all have our roles in order to help.

Husband/Daddy: He is in charge of buying groceries. I think he does this to get some time away from the house but since I have no desire to do the shopping for lunchables and Gerber snacks we both win.  He is also in charge of getting our youngest two to bed when the time comes.  I do not envy him that at all.  He is unable to be there in the morning so putting to bed is his thing.

Our oldest daughter: She is in charge of getting her clothes for the week ready and aside from the occasional, “How cold will it be?”, “Do these match?” or “Have you seen my other boot?” pauses, she is self sufficient.  She packs her own lunch and then helps by keeping her two little sisters entertained until bedtime.

Our lone boy: He is in charge of himself, which is a job big enough for even the most qualified team. Packing his lunch consists of  a bag of salty snacks and cookies which then has to be checked and changed to something resembling a real lunch with meat and fruit.  He gives his clothes the smell test to which I have to remind him to wear items that have actually been cleaned in the washer.  He groans on all accounts but complies in the end.

2 youngest peas in a pod: There is nothing to do with these two but entertain and amuse  till bedtime.  My husband refers to it as “herding cats”.  Nothing they do keeps their interest for more than 5 minutes and I am usually counting the moments until we can start their bedtime routine which is orchestrated by daddy. This routine is a post in and of itself which I have eluded to in a previous post: Putting the Girls to Bed.

Me/Mommy: After all children are put to bed, I have to pack the bags for daycare, pack the youngest two lunches, check our boy’s lunch again, pack my school bag with all items fully charged, pout profusely since Downton Abbey is no longer on, maybe watch The Good Wife, get on a twitter chat (or two), realize what time it is and know I should go to bed but don’t.  Which is more likely why I am tired and nothing to do with losing a hour of sleep since I wouldn’t have used it sleeping anyway.

My next four nights will pretty much resemble this same routine with slight deviations and I wont even get started on the morning routine to get everyone out of the house, maybe another day. When the chores of life become routine, is that when they quit being a chore?  Either way, I do love the tedious chores/routines of being a mom and wouldn’t want it any other way.  They are what help define me as a mom, the things I do for my children, no matter how small.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Routine

  1. When you map it all out like that it sounds so tiring doesn’t it? Especially without that extra hour today. I am in charge of all of those things for the most part, but I try not to think about it too much. 🙂 In the end, it’s those things that we won’t have to do forever that we will miss when they are not ours to do.


  2. I know that the nightly routine is tiring and tedious, but when I am not there, it is those little “tedious” things that I miss the most. What I also miss is that hour! I was in bed for it and am still tired today! Is it Friday yet??


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