Using Foldable to Engage Students – SOL 11

Current coaching cycle with a novice IMG_0300teacher resulted in her understanding that she needed to incorporate hands-on engaging activities for her students. 
T: “I just can’t get my students excited about learning.”
Me: “What types of activities have you tried?”
T: “I have tried everything. I am out of ideas at this point.”
Me: “Which activities have been successful in engaging students?”
T: “Well actually, they did like when I let them work in groups, but I want to be more creative?”
Me: “How can you incorporate creativity into a group lesson?”
T: “I don’t know. (pause) Maybe have them make something as a group. What do you think?”
Me: “Sounds fun. What would you have them create?”
T: (Pause) “We are working on text structures, so, something like a study guide with the different structures?”
Me: “What would the finished product look like?”
T: “A paper with different areas, one for each structure with the type, definition and signal words.”
Me: “Have you seen foldables used to create study guides before?”
T: “What’s a foldable?” 
(I explain what a foldable is)
T: “That would be perfect. Can you help me with that?”
We proceeded to talk through more ideas for the look of the foldable and came up with a great idea for a creative and engaging study guide foldable for text structures. Includes Type, Description, Graphic Organizer Visual, Signal Word List, and Text Example. Can be found in my Teachers pay Teachers store. 

IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0301

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5 thoughts on “Using Foldable to Engage Students – SOL 11

  1. Perfect! I like the conversation structure of this blog and how you took us (as readers) and your mentee from confusion to clarity with good questions. Best: “What have you tried?” This ? acknowledges effort, and best of all encourages reflection–that’s the hardest work of all. Well done–both of you!


  2. How excellent! I just ran across the “lap book” style of foldable the other day and I’m already experimenting with a few ideas. It’s so good to step back and be able to talk through struggles like the teacher you helped. We all need listeners and mentors like you!


  3. This post is a great example of how to mentor someone–not overwhelm with suggestions, but guiding them to resolve their own dilemma with some good feedback and inspiration. I am mentoring a new teacher this year and it’s been such a learning process for me. Also, I saw a presentation on Foldables this fall and am thinking about how to integrate them into my upcoming poetry unit.


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