Moving to South Korea?? Slice of Life Day 12

Choices.  Life is all about choices.  Making them. Hoping they are the right ones. Learning from them. Some are easy and some are difficult to make.  What’s for dinner? Easy. Moving to South Korea? Difficult.Unknown-2

I am married to the U.S. Army, which means when he is given orders to go to South Korea he does not have a choice but I do.  But what a difficult choice.  12 months without my husband but remain in my current job (which I love), in our current home (which we all love), near my family (LOVE!), and children’s lives are not disrupted with school, friends, and extracurricular activities. OR 24 months with my husband in a foreign country with no job, no home (house probably furnished for me), scared to drive, no family, no friends, and children will have to adjust, BUT I will have my husband and our family will be intact.

What to do? My husband and I both know which is the logical choice and which is the emotional choice but that doesn’t make it any less difficult.  What to do? It is not that long, it is so long to be away from husband/daddy. We have lived through a deployment before, the last deployment was so hard. Great way to save money for future plans, rather have my husband than money.  How much will he really miss in 12 months, he will miss so much of our children’s lives and milestones. I can do this, can I do this? What to do? WHAT TO DO?

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4 thoughts on “Moving to South Korea?? Slice of Life Day 12

  1. Wow, what a huge challenge ahead of you. I can’t imagine having to make such a choice, but isn’t that the unfairness of life? Something is always lost, even when something else is gained. Good luck with your dilemma.

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  2. Misty,
    My husband was offered the same deal. One year in Korea by yourself, but, hey if you want to bring your family, then it will be two years.
    My husband chose to go for one year. He left me, his six week old son, and a four year old daughter.
    Two years together with the man you love, and the daddy to your children, is worth more than any money you could save over one year.
    My husband was there in 1998, so we didn’t have Skype, or facebook. But I would take seeing my husband’s face every day as a true treat.
    The military will probably have housing on base. You will meet many other mothers with children from all over the United States. You will get to experience a new culture, and have an adventure, all expenses paid. I found this link for you about housing.
    And, the answer to your question? YES, you can do this!
    (I would have gone in a heart beat, but my husband said no. I really was crushed. I love adventure)


  3. Wow what a choice…but I like what Pamela said, “what an adventure” but onlynyounandnyour husband can make the choice? It will be tough but follow your heart in this one I think. Keep us posted 🙂


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