What is wrong with jeans anyway?: Slice of Life 13

My son despises jeans. He refuses to wear them.  Isn’t wearing jeans what young boys do?  Aren’t they Americana?  Why will he not just wear them? I bought blue ones, black ones, faded ones, ripped ones, carpenter ones, straight leg ones, loose fit ones, each time with him saying, “I like these”.  Then why won’t you wear them?  Every day it is the same thing, gym pants.  Bummy, crummy gym pants.  Today, he was so proud of himself for wearing gym shorts as if this was a big improvement.

Who would have thought my 3 girls would be easier to dress?

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12 thoughts on “What is wrong with jeans anyway?: Slice of Life 13

  1. Ironic isn’t it?! I guess he’s just going to have to find his own style. Are there are other pants he likes corduroy or a different material? Is it the zip up and button closure he doesn’t like? Is it just the jean material? Now you’ve got me wondering. I hope you solve this mystery.


  2. Funny! My son was the same — he would only wear sweat pants. In fact, everything had to be really soft. Both my children are sensitive to the softness of their clothing. Good luck!


  3. This made me giggle. My friend’s son wore basketball shorts every single day. Even on the coldest, snowiest days he would be wearing basketball shorts. It drove her crazy! Maybe its a boy thing?


  4. I’m laughing because I have known so many boys who feel the same. I personally think pants in general are a trial to be born. They never fit properly, or the length is all wrong, or the waist is too low. Do not take me shopping and want to try on pants. We’ll be there all day and you will hate me by the end of it.


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