Ode to a Sister: Slice of Life 15


That is how long it took my baby sister to complete her very FIRST marathon.  I have given birth to 4 children and not one of their labors took that long. I say that to say this,  what commitment, dedication, and will.  I am in awe of the woman my sister has grown to be.

She was always a determined child, a family trait.  Tell her she couldn’t do something and guarantee it would be done and done well.  She began running 5Ks I thought she was crazy, she moved to 8Ks and I again thought crazy, first 1/2 marathon she was no longer listening to my cries of insanity, so marathon time I didn’t even try.  The reason I say crazy is because I cannot imagine running for fun.  If you see me running, you better run too because something wicked this way comes.  My idea of fun is a good book and a big bowl of popcorn.

I attribute her marathon accomplishment to 3 things, although I am sure she would say there were more.

1) Determination: She never wavered. Even when the running was difficult. Even when the weather did not cooperate. Even when she was tempted to skip this one.  Even when she hit mile 17 and questioned if she could do this.

2) Hard work: She found time to train after work, after family time, after spending time with her girls, after being a mom, after all her other obligations, she then did more work by training.

3413) Support: Support from a husband. 2 loving daughters. 2 proud parents. 2 sisters and their  husbands,  4 nieces, and a nephew. 1 “too legit to quit” running partner. And a running community of other runners, their families, and friends.  All cheering her on throughout the race and the finish line.

Isn’t it amazing that with these three things: determination, hard work, and support we can accomplish anything.  Many would downplay that last one but sometimes it may be the most important of all.

To a sister who applies her determination and hard work to everything she sets out to accomplish from one of those who will always be there to support her when she does.


proxyDuring the month of March 2015, I will be completing a daily blog as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! More Slice of Life posts from other bloggers can be found on Two Writing Teachers READ & JOIN US! You can sign up here!

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