Can today’s child problem solve?

A child’s brain is a sponge and will soak up endless amounts of information at a very young age.  I have heard this for years but my question is, “When does this stop, and if we know it stops, why don’t we monopolize on it? Why don’t we give their sponges all they need to solve the problems of their future?”

I recently heard that a child’s brain is twice as active as an adults and feverishly makes connections. That exposing children to more information early on can help them make connections that will last them a lifetime.  This is what I wish for my own children and for those I teach.  Even in middle school I do not feel it is too late to activate these connections. This is why stimulating activities are so important in order to problem solve and work through activities to an overall outcome.

My 22 month old daughter watched another child do a secret handshake with her teacher and immediately insisted on doing the handshake as well.  She learned it after watching it once and remembered it to perform the next time she saw her teacher.  My 3 yr old remembers a multitude of things and makes connections in books and movies that she has to explain to me.

Daughter’s handshake: high-five, fist bump, elbow hit.

How can I make sure that this ability to “soak things up” evolves into using that information to problem solve? My wish would be to find someway to challenge the “wiring” of my child’s brain that it never stops becoming a sponge and they see every challenge with endless solutions, there only problem being which route to take. Students need to be taught how to solve problems and how each problem may have more than one way to the solution.  They need to be allowed to see things the way they are “wired” to see them.  Isn’t this how we have many of the great thinkers of today?

Personal Reflection:
1) Allow children to soak up as much as they can by experiencing,
failing, growing, learning, living
2) Use that knowledge to problem solve by experimenting, facing
challenges, inventing, creating, writing, growing, learning, living
3) This path will allow my children to: 

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2 thoughts on “Can today’s child problem solve?

  1. I was actually just thinking about this today, when several of my students came to me with problems that I knew they could solve on their own. I encouraged them to think and try to solve it, when usually I would have just told them what to do. I thought about how I need to do that more often because it worked!

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  2. There seem to be readiness factors…probably for both teachers and learners…that also vary by area. It’s hard to tell when the training wheels need to come off. It’s not the same for everyone. I’d say keep the curiosity alive — ask and encourage questions.


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