1st EdCamp Experience

Spent the day at EdCampRVA.  Drove 1.5 hours to get to a teacher led pd and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was nice to just sit and talk with like minds in like struggles.  I felt heard, understood, appreciated, and was able to share, learn, and create.

I created a new wallet from unconventional materials for a partner I had just met. Sound tough? It wasn’t. Using direct thinking, I was able to get to know Taylor and her likes and interests.  What functionality she needed in a wallet and her design style.  I then used sandpaper, markers, toothpicks and glue to create a wallet.

She loves leopard print and the color green.  An item in her current wallet was the business card of a person that makes jewelry from mice vertebrae.  Crazy I know, but this concept interested me.  She also showed me three different compartments for money but was insistent that she did not have money in any of them.

What I created was a leopard print wallet with green trim with space only for her essential gift cards and IDs (teacher, old student id still used for movie tickets, and driver’s license).  I did not have any empty $ slots.  I also used toothpicks to represent the placement of vertebrae.

She loved the design and concept. She commended me on my ability to listen and really “get her”.  When I started out I felt thiunnameds activity was a bit weird but throughly enjoyed it.

So glad I attended my first EdCamp. I was so happy that I took the time to attend before I had even been to my first session.  It only got better as the day progressed.  This will not be my last EdCamp.

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12 thoughts on “1st EdCamp Experience

  1. I have not heard of a person who went to an edcamp and did not benefit from it. I think it is because in essence it is by teachers for teachers and we know what we need! What a fun, creative project you made!


  2. I have not been to an EdCamp but am intrigued by the concept. I think it is wonderful when teachers can orchestrate their own PD. Thanks for sharing!


  3. How fun! I like the design concept session and how telling that your partner said felt listened to like “get her.” I helped organize an EdCamp this year with friends and colleagues. I was my forth EdCamp (the first one I helped plan), loved it. Authenticity of the design led to honest conversations and good learning.


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