Challenge of Eating Out with Toddlers

We decided to go out to eat after church today.  This meant that instead of the usual nap time, we were going to push the limits and sit down, in public, with our two tired, toddler girls.  We do not eat out very much.  Actually these out to dinner trips for any meal are very few and far between.  We splurge on the occasional get it to go and eat in the comfort of our own home, but not out.

Since these trips are few and far between, I forget the misery that is eating out with toddlers and dare to do it again.  It is much like childbirth that way, if you really remembered the pain, there would be more one-child households.  My husband tried to remind me, but I dismissed his memory assuring this time would be different.  If you are a parent of a toddler or a previous toddler, you are shaking your head at this point. You know what I soon discovered.  Lunch was a mess.

Bria, our 1 yr old, kept sliding out of the booster seat and had to be moved to a highchair. This also meant us moving tables because our table didn’t have space on the aisle for a highchair.  Next, every roll of utensils was unraveled with forks flying to the floor.  This may be the real reason why there are two, a parent invented the salad fork. The 3 yr old, Abby, then had to go under the table to retrieve said forks.

A kid’s meal was ordered early to arrive early and they were to share.  While waiting, coloring commenced, bread was eaten, and 3 crayons, 2 knives, and a napkin made their way to the floor. Food arrived and it was cut up, divided on separate plates, cooled, and served, but minimal eating was accomplished. When asked if she was going to eat Abby replied, “Not exactly”.

When our food arrived my salad was commandeered, my husband’s water became a  bob-for-ice cup for Abby, one in which you could apparently use your hands, and Bria somehow managed to take my phone, find the camera, and take selfies of herself, the ceiling, and neighboring patrons.

The design of lunch is to eat food and leave full, so in that respect it was a success.  It will be quite sometime before we do it again though, at least not until I have forgotten this trip.

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4 thoughts on “Challenge of Eating Out with Toddlers

  1. I felt your pain all the way through! I’ve been there many years ago, and still have not forgotten. We used to call and order a pizza and then show up at the restaurant and eat it there. Quick and easy, we practiced being in a restaurant and then got out. We lost our illusions about bringing our kids to any kind of fancy restaurant early on. Our money was way too hard-earned for that!


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