Children who call Wolf

In the past six school days the school nurse has called me four of them.  I think she must have me on speed dial.  I have two children at the same school, so it is a little surprise each time to see which one it is this time. Today my oldest won the temperature battle with the highest recorded temperature of the month at an astounding 98.4.  I know children can be sick without a fever but I am going to need more symptoms than my head hurts, I don’t feel right and “But, I’m tired”.  I have the perfect cure —> Go To Bed When Told.

Bedtime is enforced in my home but the two oldest have a professional career in stalling in their future, no doubt. I keep moving the time to go to bed up a little each night but that doesn’t seem to help either.  UGH! I long to go to bed, wish for bed, daydream of my head on the pillow.  I would love for someone to tell me to put that book down, that resource creation can wait, turn off the TV.  But, when I was young my mom would say I did the same as my children, aside from constant visits to the nurse that is.

Personal Mommy Wish: Get all children to bed at a decent hour, wake them happy and healthy ready to face the day, and repeat for at least three consecutive days.  Wish me luck.

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2 thoughts on “Children who call Wolf

  1. Ah, story of my life! My toddler is the culprit–wants a drink, doesn’t want to sleep in his own bed, fell out of bed (on purpose). I would love a good night’s sleep at a reasonable hour myself!


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