6 Wonderful Years

I married the love of my life six years ago today. We hadn’t seen each other for weeks prior to our wedding day. He spent 10 weeks at basic training for the US Army at Ft. Benning and we were married on friends and family day at the Columbus, GA courthouse.

I can remember being so worried he would change his mind or come to his senses. I had spoken to him here and there on Sundays and had written more letters in 10 weeks than I had written in my lifetime.  I wrote him everyday.  He wrote me back.  Love letters that I will cherish forever. But would he feel the same when actually faced with marrying someone he hadn’t seen for so long.

We didn’t miss a beat.  It was like we were never apart and neither of us thought twice about spending our life together.  We have had more times apart in our six years thanks to the Army but we have also had many wonderful times together.  Love that man of mine and thankful God brought him into my life.

I turned the corner
And there you stood
Your smile like home to me
Your heart familiar
No use pretending, not that I could
I turned the corner when I met you

source: http://www.lyricsondemand.com/soundtracks/t/thoroughlymodernmillielyrics/iturnedthecornerquartetrepriselyrics.html

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