Coaching March Madness

Friday’s are occasionally filled with coach meetings and collaborative learning.  The coaches came together today to reflect on March Madness.  As educators we all know that things can get a little crazy around March.  $(KGrHqN,!rEFHO,Bm2PTBR0u4eTdSg~~60_35

One of the Teacher’s Daze posters was given to me as a gift my first year of teaching.  What a graphic of truth this turned out to be.  As we spent time in reflection on all that March mean to us I was excited to hear the positivity that resonated in the room.

  1. Staying Positive!
  2. Celebrating growth with new teachers and in our coaching.
  3. Continue to collaborate with teachers, administrators, and fellow coaches.
  4. Working everyday with enthusiasm and to the best of our ability.
  5. Finish the year even stronger than it was began!

March Madness will not insert itself on this coaching program and when the bracket is done, we will come out as the champions. Negativity, Stress, and Lethargy are going down and it won’t even be a close game.

proxyDuring the month of March 2015, I will be completing a daily blog as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! More Slice of Life posts from Day 27 can be found on Two Writing Teachers.

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