I am Cold: Where is Spring?

I am confused.  Is it Spring or not? Don’t I live in the South? Why am I cold? April is in two days, Unknown-3right? Yep, I just checked the calendar and we are two days from April.  I am cold. The flowers are blooming and then go into an instant shock. To make matters worse it is raining, cold rain. I am cold. I used to like the cold, loved to bundle up, get cozy…I’m good. I’ve had my fill.  I am cold.  I began packing for my beach vacation and I packed jeans, long sleeve shirts and will add my new UConn sweatshirt as soon as it arrives.  No flip-flops, no tank tops, no shorts. I am cold.

I can already warn you that my post mid August will be… I am hot.

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4 thoughts on “I am Cold: Where is Spring?

  1. I’m with you. I try not to complain but in the winter I’m ready for summer and when summer gets here, I’m upset it’s not colder. My mom always told me never to plant before Easter. So far, she has been right three years in a row. Just when I think it’s safe, I plant anyway, and it freezes every year.


  2. Well said! Hang in there…I’m thinking spring will be here soon. We all deserve some sunshine and we need our vitamin D! 🙂


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