DIY Vintage Skeleton Key Project

As the temperature rises and the warm air starts to surface I get the itch to start my DIY projects.  I have a list and cannot wait to begin checking items off, one by one. This week as I prepare my summer “to create list” for this year I can look back at the projects I had last summer.  It was my first time delve in into the DIY world and I was very happy with what I accomplished.

Many times my creative prowess is limited to materials or resources to be used in the classroom.  Many of which can be found here (shameless, I know). But last summer I extended my skills to projects for and around our home.  I want to take this week to highlight a project each day to jump me into gear for planning this year so that my list will actually become a reality.

1016812_10201702397425505_211488196_nMy mother-in-law shares my loves of all things antique and vintage.  She had a lovely set of skeleton keys to which she gave me several. I decorated a shadow box with the keys, some deco locks and stamp I found at Michael’s and a piece of scrapbook paper.

A little hot glue and very strategic placement and I had my decorative vintage key shadow box. Love the way it turned out and it looks great in our hallway.  You never know what you can use to make art.

Have you ever seen something and knew it had potential for art?  Turned the everyday into something more?

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