Rose Bush Flower Bed Project

Day 2 of my DIY project memory lane:

This actually occurred before summer last year as I completed it on spring break.  The weather was perfect for yard work and since the landscaping bug is in my blood, thanks dad, I tackled a small but tedious flower bed.  995108_10201672035826484_1043859785_n

This job was only a flower bed around two rose bushes but tedious because the rose bushes were out of control as were the weeds. It was hard to tell where the yard ended and the flower bed began.  So I started pruning the bushes trying to avoid the thorns and then weed the yard which had in fact grown into the bed. I dug out a trench around the outside to make room for a border of stones using the tricks my dad taught me to get each one level.  I then replaced a number of the rocks that had been dispersed around the bed.


While it took me the greater part of the afternoon while my two youngest were napping I loved the end result.  Working in the yard is so rewarding when you can sit back and see the accomplishment and have pride in a job well done.


The only thing left to do was to have the official snack treat after a landscaping chore: bottled coke and salted peanuts and yes I mix them.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, it is delicious.

How do you celebrate a job well done?

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