Revamping my Daughter’s Desk

995167_10201844194650347_668795762_nMy parents are also garage sale treasure hunters and when they arrived at my house with a desk for my daughter I was amazed that they only paid $5. It was in great shape. No missing knobs, drawers all worked, it sat level. This was truly a treasured find.

My daughter’s room is full of white furniture and I knew this would stick out like a sore thumb.  Nothing a coat of white paint wouldn’t cure.  It took two coats of white paint and some sealant but the end result was perfect.  I also purchased some stickers online and new knobs.  Total cost of paint and embellishments – $20, so I had a brand new desk that my daughter could be proud of for $25 (actually $20 since my parents paid the initial $5).

I had a happy daughter that loved her desk and the fact I added a “J” to personalize it was a bonus for her.  It was placed in her room and although it has more fingernail polish and trinkets covering it then books, it serves it purpose. 


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