Redecorating my Master Bath

My final day for discussing past DIY projects and I thought I would talk about how I redecorated our master bathroom.  When we bought our new home I loved everything about it…except the master bathroom. It was the only room that had not been updated and I wanted to give it a look that spoke more to me.


The bathroom originally had stark white walls, a towel547160_10201751602855610_1878334737_n bar that I did not like, and a huge mirror over the double sinks.  It also had a separate room for the toilet with no windows and a dull light. I always felt like I was entering a weird closet and referred to it as the dungeon.

So…I started with paint in a nice soothing green, added accents of purple with rugs, shower curtain and towels.  I then added a sticker of London’s skyline to the huge mirror to add something to break up its size.  My husband and I went to London on our honeymoon and now each morning I remember that trip and it’s wonderful memories as I brush my teeth.


I found the perfect wordle to add to the wall and two lanterns to hang over the soak544755_10201751653856885_1433059300_ner tub.  The final fix was to add some decor to the dungeon so I placed a mural of a tree on the wall.  Each tree branch and leaf had to be placed individually but I loved the outcome and it doesn’t seem so drab now.  I also was able to place the falling leaves and birds exactly where I wanted them. I knew adding the green paint in here would only make it darker so I loved adding this mural and it only took a couple hours, but I am a bit of a perfectionist and somewhat crazy when it came to leaf placement.

I found the wordle, tree mural, and lanterns on Ebay and at a minimal cost.  I love the way my bathroom turned out and feel proud that I was able to design and implement this redo.  My obsession with HGTV may have had something to do with it.

I hope my next DIY project post is from this summer’s list…it is quite long.  What have you planned to work on this summer? Any DIY projects on your list?

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