Happy Memorial Day???

Unknown-2As Memorial Day approached I was dreading the number of posts and remarks that I see every year telling all to have a “Happy Memorial Day”. I should not let this bother me, but I do.  At no point on this day of remembrance for the sacrifice that service members of our armed services have made do I want to be happy.  Grateful, appreciative, reflective, humbled, but never happy.  I understand that this remark is harmless and that many are happy in having a day with friends and loved ones. But I can’t help but reflect in the freedom of my day with my family, that others have paid so dearly for.

I am grateful. I am appreciative. I am humbled by those that cannot spend the day with their loved one when I get to spend the day with my soldier. I am honored to be married into the military family but this only makes the day even more real for me. As I spend the day with my husband and our children, I weep with you and am indebted to you for your loss and sacrifice.  Thank YOU!

If you are unsure what to say to a service member today or if you feel the need to post anything…just say Thank You!  Leave the Happy for birthdays.

For all you educators out there, I have created an informational text on Memorial Day with 7 questions built as a teaching lesson on how to answer questions for nonfictional texts.  Please go HERE to download.  It is free and I hope you are able to use it this week with your students to broaden their understanding of the importance of Memorial Day. Please leave me a comment here or on the TpT product so I can hear  how this product worked for you.

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