Mixed Emotions @ End of Year

122378_story__spotlightphotoAs the school year comes to an end, I am reminded of that bitter sweet feeling that comes with the finality of any journey. Excited to have once again survived another year having learned so much and celebrated in successes the year brought but sad to see the end.

In previous years as an 8th grade ELA teacher I was proud of my students as they moved on to their high-school time but unhappy to see many go (not all, but many). I thought that since I was coaching and did not have students, that this year these feelings would not find me.  I was wrong.

I have said my goodbyes to my teacher coaching clients and find myself with the same feelings as other years. I am proud of their successes, excited about their future, and curious if they will remember me. I have learned valuable lessons from my students each year, but I have learned so much more from my novice teachers.  I am sad to see the year conclude where these relationships are concerned and eager to see these teachers again next year.  For those I will not see, I can only hope they will reach out much like the visits from high-schoolers wanting to see their old 8th grade teacher.

Sad to see another year end and excited for making next year even better!

How do you feel as your school year ends?

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