Tech C.A.M.P. using Google Docs with Writing

I had the opportunity to be a part of a professional development today for teachers that allowed them to explore the tech tools my district as made available to them. My Information Literacy department organized a 2 day Tech C.A.M.P. (Create, Achieve, Motivate, and Prepare) with multiple sessions on Promethean, Edmodo, Google, ClassFlow and more.

I facilitated a session on using Google Docs for writing assignments to help teachers incorporate Google Docs into their teacher/student writing conferences. Using the comments and suggesting tools on a doc to have a sidebar conversation with a student and give them real time feedback. Students love to see their teacher pop up on their paper and teachers can have a conference while the student is working. What a great feature!

I shared that you can extend it to peer editing when docs are shared from student to student. Students can also do group project or collaborative work when shared with multiple students.

Teachers left excited and eager to try this tool with their classes next year and I was pleased I was able to help. Love engaging students and having teachers eager to find new ways to do so.

PowerPoint: Google Doc with Writing

Handout: Tech Camp_Google Doc with Writing

Excited for tomorrow when I present on Nearpod, Kahoot, and Socrative.  How do you use Google Docs with your class? Any success stories?

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