Tech C.A.M.P. : Kahoot!

Still discussing the professional development for teachers called Tech C.A.M.P. (Create, Achieve, Motivate, and Prepare). I have previously posted about the wonders of using Google Docs for student writing, teacher feedback, and conferences. And yesterday I wrote about Nearpod which you can check out by clicking here.

I facilitated a session on Nearpod, Kahoot, and Socrative to make lessons and formative assessments more engaging for students. Kahoot! is a great way to add a game like quality to your instruction. They are timed, point earning questions that gauge instantly what students know.  The timed questions can be challenging for lower students but many times I have placed students in groups allowing for peer imgres-1help with questions. You can also set Kahoot! up so that the points are turned off. It adds a competitive aspect to formative assessments that students love and they really get excited to see their name on the leader board, especially at the top.

Kahoot! is super easy to use with a plethora of quizzes already at your disposal that you can duplicate, edit or use as is.  Students log on to the game with a simple 6 digit game pin at their own Kahoot site that looks like this and the fun begins. imgres-2Students have to pay attention since the question is only on the teacher’s screen and the students only see four shape/color blocks of which they must choose one. The student that chooses the correct answer the fastest gets the most points.

The best part about Kahoot! is the already made bank of quizzes.  They have quizzes for every level and every subject from content to general. Don’t find what you need, no problem because making your own is easy. If you haven’t tried Kahoot! please go here and check it out!

If you need a help tip sheet please feel free to use this one: Tech Camp_Kahoot! AND let me know how you use Kahoot! in your class.  I would love to hear about it.

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