Tech C.A.M.P.: Socrative

This is my fourth post on Hampton City School’s professional development for teachers called Tech C.A.M.P. (Create, Achieve, Motivate, and Prepare). I have previously posted about the wonders of using Google Docs for student writing, teacher feedback, and conferences. And about the interactive gaming style learning of Nearpod and Kahoot! Today I finish up with Socrative.

Socrative is another great way to make instruction and formative assessments more engaging for students. You have several options with Socrative from Open Questions, Quizzes, Exit Tickets and my favorite Space Races.  Click on –>Tech Camp_Socrative for a great help sheet when beginning with Socrative.

#3 needs to be retaught based on the data

Socrative allows the teacher to use real time questions to gauge the whole class’ current level of understanding. The generated reports give the teacher a breakdown by each question and each student for instant feedback or to direct future instruction and remediation. It also color codes the results for you so that it is easy to see a pattern of weaker skills.

Socrative like Kahoot! has two separate sites for student and teacher. I make sure I have both apps so that after I create a quiz I can test it out with the student app before using it in class (a great habit to have with any technology you are using).  The students simply sign in with your room name and see the assigned quizzes or questions for them. Changing your room name is no sweat and should be something the students can remember and type in easily.  You can change the room name under Settings and then My Profile where you can also change your info, password, school info, and role.

Socrative quizzes are easy to create and can be shared with the SOC# so that all teachers on a team or grade level can give the same assessment. And for those students lacking technology for the day you can print off the quiz to be used in paper and pencil mode.

My favorite part of Socrative is the Space Race. It will randomly choose teams or you imgres-5can group students. As students answer questions correctly their game piece races across the screen. It adds that oh-so-powerful element of gaming addiction to the formative assessment that engages students of any age.

I encourage you to try out Socrative if you have not already done so and after you do share it with your colleagues. Start making and sharing SOC# quizzes and work together to engage your students. They will thank you for it!

These apps always work best when you change them up and use something new or try different combinations each day. Know of any great apps you can share with me? Help me, help my teachers engage their students in new and exciting ways. What should I be promoting next to my teachers?

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