Lesson on Pride

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My students really loved reading the short story “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant. So, when my teachers asked me to create a resource they could use based on the story, I was excited to do so.  They asked for a focus on Author’s Purpose since this was a weakness observed in the recent formative assessments while teaching the skill.

I created several activities dealing with Characterization, Setting and Tone from the author’s perspective. Students are asked to analyze the protagonist Madam Loisel, analyze the author’s purpose and use of tone and then analyze the setting of the Belle Époque period in Paris from advertisements of that time period.

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I also included a worksheet focusing on author’s purpose and word choice with a paired passage.  I like creating assessment type activities so students can be taught how to answer tests like questions.  I never want the first time students have worked through analyzing questions to be the test.  I hope to create activities that challenge the students to problem solve and be dependent on the text for answers.

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I was told that the students were engaged and challenged. They asked questions, held class discussions, and at the end gained a better knowledge of author’s purpose.  They also loved the story and the twist ending.

Interested? Check out this resource and others at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, Stanton’s ELA Workshop.

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