Slice of Life 2016

proxyIt is once again time for the Slice of Life Blog Challenge and I found myself thinking about what to write for days leading into March.  This is my second time in participating in the challenge and I love how inspired I was last year to complete a post each day in March.  So, this year I wanted to make sure that my first post was something inspired and engaging.

As I stressed throughout the weekend and even through today, I forgot the most important element of why I blog…FOR ME!  I need to write what is important to me, what I need to reflect on, and what I need to share for my own sanity.

That is what is so great about the Slice of Life. It doesn’t have to be researched or profound but simply a slice of what my thoughts are for the day.  Today, I am simply sharing the need to remember that blogging is for me. If you are in this challenge with me and come to a day where you think you have nothing to share or write, remember it is for your own reflection. Share or write whatever comes to you..we will be here to support.  Slice of Life is a great community of bloggers that I am thankful I found.

Happy writing and reading fellow Slicers!

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