Footprints Throughout Sports – Civil Rights Moves

I have been working through several professional development sessions with Language Arts teachers to help them with resources and strategies to implement in the ELA class.

The first was on using visual media in the class to engage students which you can read about here and the second was on paired passages to link two texts for comparison and contrast which you can read about here

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.41.50 PMFor the third session I wanted to tie the two together while showing how to incorporate a unit for African American studies.  It was great timing for the month of February but the study of great African Americans should never be saved for a solitary month. This unit uses visual media clips from sports movies paired with texts.

The movies:                                                          The texts:

  1. Remember the Titans – football          Gettysburg Address by President Lincoln
  2. Glory Road – basketball                          “Forgive Me” lyrics by Group 1 Crew
  3. Pride – swimming                                     African-Americans swimming stereotype blog
  4. 42 – baseball                                               Martin Luther King Jr. speech on non-violence

The movie clips are easy to find via Youtube and the texts can just as easily be found searching via Google Search.  If you, however, are interested in this unit and want the work done (including worksheets for each pairing), you can find them here.

The take away for the teachers was to incorporate more visual media and paired passages in more lessons to engage students.  This unit is just one of many ways to do that.

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