My 1st Hug of the School Year


If you are an educator, you are probably wondering how one does not receive a hug until March of a school year.  If you are an elementary teacher, you have no words for me at this point. Let me explain…I am a Literacy Coach and do not work directly with one class or students on a regular basis. My background is teaching ELA to 8th graders and my number one priority when teaching was building relationships with my students.

I have missed this aspect while coaching.  The students rarely see me except as a guest or co-teacher but those deep connections are never formed.  So how did I get a hug you ask?

imgres-2During the month of February, I was sent to 8th grade classrooms to support writing instruction in preparation for the 8th grade state writing test or as we call it the SOL. No, not that… it means Standards Of Learning.

After a month of one on one with students, modeling lessons, and teaching strategies I have formed relationships with students that I did not realize even existed until today. As I entered the 8th grade pod, I was greeted by two students with big smiles and a hug. I then entered the class to smiles, waves, and gestures of “come here” with a, “Can you help me?” I have missed this time with students and although the test prep has been rough it has been so rewarding.

Yes, my first hug did not occur until March, but as I continue to help 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students prepare for the reading tests…I hope it is not my last of the year.




proxyDuring the month of March 2016, I will be completing a daily blog as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! More Slice of Life posts from Day 3 can be found on Two Writing Teachers.

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6 thoughts on “My 1st Hug of the School Year

  1. This is awesome! I am also a coach and understand your situation. It is a different feeling when you do not see students on a regular basis. Lately, I have been in classrooms a lot more. Students are learning who I am. When they see me in the hall, they often give me a hug. I hope you get more hugs in the near future!

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  2. Hugs are great! Our church started an after school mentoring program for 8th & 9th graders. We have been at it for 7 weeks. I was on vacation for two weeks after working with one young man. I came back, he ran up to me and hugged me and said he missed me. What an awesome feeling!

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  3. I loved this! Yes, I am an elementary teacher–and that’s what made me click! No hugs yet? I am also a new literacy coach, so I smiled all the way through your story. Boy, did that ring true! I miss having “my” kids and have learned to adjust to them all being mine and forging relationships with kids I’ve never met.. I’m sure that indeed will not be your last hug and you have many more kids to connect with now!


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