My four year old daughter is much like her father.  When I sit to watch a movie with my husband, he has yet to stay seated for an entire movie without finding something to do.  He cannot sit still for a two hour period.  Our daughter…the same but on a larger scale.  

Her Pre-K teacher asks her weekly if she has ants in her pants, which she finds hilarious.  She has her name on the board daily, but any day without checks behind her name she considers “a good day”.  Wednesday was a very bad day with full out loss of control on the part of my daughter.  When I entered to pick her up I saw her name on the board followed by three, yes three checks.  She then shared her note with me about time spent in the office.  It was NOT a good day.  We had a talk and she decided that the next day would be better.

20160303_165006Thursday, I pick up my smiling, bubbly child with yet another note.  A GOOD note! She was beaming with pride. 20160303_164948


Fast forward to this morning>

Me: “Abby, you need to have another good day today at school.”

Abby: “Again?????

Here is hoping she is having another good day.  Well, at least checks after her name free.


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7 thoughts on “Again????

  1. I’m pretty sure that if my youngest daughter’s high school teachers could leave checks, she’d have many! 🙂 Each day is a new experiment in life, so enjoy the little scientist you have there, figuring out new ways to live!

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  2. Oh, kids! Do you think we hold ourselves and our children to a higher standard because we are educators? I feel like I do sometimes. It is easy to get bogged down with anxiety about your children’s behaviors at school. Cheers to the weekend! I hope it was a check free day!


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