My Son’s Love for Basketball

My lone son among the swarm of girls in our household needs an outlet.  Recently that has been basketball. It is his thing, he is good at it, and he enjoys it.  I first choose basketball because it was a warm indoors sport during the winter months. However, Wyatt has been found outside shooting hoops in 40 degree weather. He has given basketball his all through the whole season.  Today was the last game and he loved every minute of it.  I have loved watching him grow as a player and as a teammate. He has become stronger and more confident.

He plays in an Upward Sports league with a local church and although I admit that I do not understand all the rules, he has learned to play basketball.  He also received kudos through the season for best offensive player, most hustle, sportsmanship, and best effort. I am grateful for the opportunity my son has received through the Upwards program and am excited to see what he picks for his next outlet. With four girls around at all times and a father overseas with military duty…he needs it.


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4 thoughts on “My Son’s Love for Basketball

  1. My daughter started playing basketball at that age, too. Even though she is not playing it as much. It still continues to help her with so many parts of her life.

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  2. Sports are a great outlet for kids. Today was my son’s last game, as well. It is fun to watch the teams grow and learn. Happy Saturday!

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