Hamburger & Hotdog: A Foldable BBQ

My first year of teaching the students quickly taught me what hamburger and hotdog imgres-6meant. I remember clearly trying to get my students to fold a piece of paper and the questions immediately began with “Hamburger or Hotdog?” I had no idea what they were talking about but was given a lesson on folding techniques. I used the students terms from then on.

Foldables are a great resource for the middle school classroom in order to help students be more eager to actually take notes or complete tasks.  The students take pride and ownership in what they have made and are more apt to retain the notes for study or latter use. I believe they are a fabulous tool that is under used for secondary classrooms.  So, in my sessions of PDs for teachers I decided to do an introduction to foldables.  I explained several different types and how they can be used.

I would like to share the Google Presentation >> Here!

I also shared two resources that can be found at my teacherspayteachers store.

Cause and Effect foldableText Features foldable

No matter the resource you use or if your more inclined to fold hamburger or hotdog, the important aspect is to use them.  Start small and give them a try. Do you use foldables in your instruction? What grade level do you teach with foldables?


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