The Last Day of a Pacifier


My daughter had to cope with the loss of one of her very favorite objects. My two year old (soon to be three year old) loves her pacifier, passy to her. It goes everywhere and several times it has been a fight just to get her to leave it in the car.  It is the first thing she wants when she is tired or upset and a go-to for comfort. I know that I need to take it away, but you trying telling those watering eyes they can longer have their treasured companion. I have been trying to wean her from it by saving it for bedtime but with zero luck.

Yesterday afternoon chaos took over our home when my daughter bit right through her passy. She has been chewing on it for several days and the final chomp was apparently too much for her old friend to handle.  She brought it to me asking me to fix it…I saw a golden opportunity.  I didn’t want her to bite anymore off and swallow it, so I cut the tip off.

She put it back in her mouth, promptly removed it, and told me it didn’t fit anymore. She

My Baby Girl with her Passy and her Blanket, her two favorite things. (she took this picture herself)

My Baby Girl with her Passy and her Blanket, her two favorite things
My Baby Girl with her Passy and her Blanket, her two favorite things nonchalantly handed it to me and walked away. She went to bed without it and didn’t even ask for it this morning. I should have cut that thing months ago.  Now, I’m wondering if I let her keep carrying her blanket around like Linus or deal with that. I think scissors may be a bit drastic for her baby blanket. Maybe it will resolve itself… here’s hoping.


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3 thoughts on “The Last Day of a Pacifier

  1. Wow! Who knew it would be that easy? They definitely surprise us with their resiliency! My guy is four and I still allow a blanket when he’s home at night relaxing before bed. Not sure when I should be cutting that off!


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