Job Well Done with Vocabulary Stations

I received the BEST email from a fellow teacher today!! I have been facilitating several ELA professional development sessions on strategies and resources to engage students in the Language Arts classroom.  Today, a teacher emailed me with pictures of engaged students working through one of the strategies she learned in my PD.

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She implemented group stations to go over unfamiliar vocabulary which was related to a text they were going to read as a class.  My PD, What’s in a Word: Vocabulary Stations, shows how to make vocabulary engaging with stations for five different activities related to the vocabulary in a given text.  I shared the resource linked to an article on Honey Badgers which can be found HERE at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

What is even more of a celebration for me is that she tweaked it to meet her own needs and that of her students.  She had fewer stations and added a writing component. Her email to me is below:

Today, my third and fourth cores implemented literacy centers, and they were a huge hit.  The classes sat in centers and performed different activities at each center in order to decode the meanings of unfamiliar vocabulary words within a piece of nonfiction text.  Students created a foldable in order to define the vocabulary words.  They discussed the words as a group, and used their reference materials to define the words.  After finding the words’ definitions, students participated in a Vocabulary Picture Center.  They matched various images with the vocabulary words that might serve as examples of what was happening in each picture.  The students then sat at the Story Creation Center, and practiced their writing skills by composing a short story using the new vocabulary words that they learned.  Lastly, the students completed a Synonym and Antonym Center, where they sorted and glued appropriate synonyms and antonyms below each of their new vocabulary words.  We had fun while practicing 4 of our SOL skills.​

Love seeing students enjoying learning and hearing that a teacher had fun while teaching 4 state standard skills. Success!!


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