Why Play-Doh…Why?

I had the brilliant idea to surprise my children with Play-Doh.  I did not have the wonder that is molded clay when I was little. Target had a bucket of several different colors, molds, and gadgets in a set on sale.  My thought, “The girls will love this.”  My second thought, “Is this a good idea?” While both thoughts were spot on, I purchased my surprise eager to get it in the hands of my children.

The first day of Play-Doh fun was supervised by myself and my teen (Friday night).

This was Friday Night!

Therefore, play was splendid and enjoyed by all.  Saturday morning…the two and four year old found the Play-Doh and decided to have their own playtime.

By the time I entered their bedroom, Play-Doh was everywhere. I mean everywhere.  In the carpet, in their hair, stuck to their pajamas, scattered across toys and their room.  It looked as if someone had set off a Play-Doh bomb and none of the Doh had survived. Colored fragments speckled the room.

My first impulse was to yell, but I decided to take a deep breath instead.  My four yr. old looked up at me and said, “Sorry Mommy, it was just too much fun.” I had to laugh and then the three of us cleaned up Play-Doh.


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