Top Ten List

I attended the first part of a mandatory First Aid & CPR training tonight for four hours and learned a number of incredible facts, tricks, and tidbits.  Here is my Top Ten List:

10) Epipen is a shot of adrenaline. (I shot myself with a training pen and feel like an Epiexpert)

9) I am going to keep a pack of lifesavers on me because they could easily save a life.

8) A 20 oz Coke has 16 teaspoons of sugar. (I saw the visual and it is a lot)

7) If you see a wild or strange animal, do not try to pet it.

6) In almost all cases the first thing you should do is call 911. (The video actually paused for us to write down the number.  I think it got it, 9-1-1.)

5) Gloves should be worn to protect the gapping open wounds from bacteria on your hands not your hands from the wound.

4) Applying a tourniquet is unlikely to occur in an educational setting so it can be skipped.

3) If you get an animal bite and have been staying in a place with a bat, you have the possibility of rabies.

2) There are two types of blood related injuries. Bleeding you can see and bleeding you can’t see. What I learned was that one possibility for bleeding you can’t see is a gunshot or knife injury…wait what?

1) Those in need are either responsive or unresponsive. To call them unconscious and conscious was found to be improper. Apparently there was a vote.

Can’t wait for the second half of training on Wednesday.


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