CPR Training

I posted two days ago my Top Ten List of things learned from my First Aid training. Tonight, I had my part two which was over CPR. While First Aid was fun and at times a bit comical…like if I encounter a person that has been impaled by something, I should leave it alone and not pull the item out.  Right, no problem there. But, CPR training was a bit more serious. It began with, “Don’t worry when giving chest compressions, you can’t hurt them, they are already dead.” As the students say…”It got real.”

I demonstrated that I could give chest compressions and mouth to mouth. I also demonstrated that I could use an AED (although it was not active).  After completed individually, I demonstrated that I could accurately give compressions and mouth to mouth before and after using an AED. This all showed me how much hard work CPR can be. It is very tiring. You must give 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths and you must complete this 5 times. It is exhausting.

I am so grateful that I work for a district that sees the value in having all of its staff trained in First Aid and CPR. It is a skill I am now certified to perform, but I hope that I will NEVER have to prove it.


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