Do you use Brain Gym?

I was introduced to the magic of brain gym today to calm students, help them focus, and aid in reading comprehension.  I was told that brain gym should be taught to students and that the slightest movements of brain gym can work miracles.

I am eager to try this but wondering if anyone knows about brain gyms or has incorporated them into their own classroom. I came home and lookimgresed up videos on brain gyms to see several in action:

  • Brain Buttons
  • Cross Crawl
  • Lazy 8’s
  • Calf Pumps
  • Thinking Caps
  • Positive Points

Anything that can help create calm and focused middle schoolers I am all for. Would love to hear more on brain gyms and eager for my official training on April 13th.


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2 thoughts on “Do you use Brain Gym?

  1. I’m thinking my son did this back in third grade. His teacher was all about the whole child, she really worked to get them to focus and take mind breaks. I love the idea – I need them for myself!

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