March Madness

I love watching my favorite team play basketball. I have been a fan of Connecticut Women’s basketball since high school. Which was a great time to become a fan. I was able to witness their climb to greatness over the past 25 years. I had hopes of playing there in college but that was not my calling, so I remain a loyal fan.

I love watching the UCONN women play even more during March because the level of competition heightens and the games are more intense.  However, as my girls chase history and a fourth championship in a row, the level of competition is lacking.

Today they won 98 – 38. It was a good game of skill and had moments of great shots, blocks, and passes. I still long for a good game, close (but not too close). They play again on March 28th and I hope it is a game better matched then ones I have seen so far.

Any other women’s basketball fans out there? What do you think of the competition?


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