Surprise Homecoming

Today’s surprise homecoming went very well. Daddy was visiting from S. Korea and his year long military time there. I was so excited to pick him up from the airport last night (yesterday’s post) and begin the countdown to my wonderful plan to surprise all 4 of our children at school pick up today.

We picked up the four year old first, since she is undoubtedly Daddy’s girl and she was beyond surprised. She yelled “Daddy” and then hugged his neck, not letting go.  She then stated, “Your supposed to be in the Army. Mommy, you picked him up.” You couldn’t stop her from smiling and I was a bit teary eyed watching the reunion.

Next, the two year old. She is mommy’s girl but she still yelled “Daddy” and ran to his arms.  He had a bit of difficulty picking her up since he was still holding the four year old while she had a firm grip on his neck.  Equally excited to see Daddy our baby girl was smiling from ear to ear.

After that we went to the older kids. Our too cool for emotion 10 yr. old boy said hello to me and then saw Daddy over my shoulder.  His reaction was by far the best, running past me and hugging Daddy tightly (while Daddy’s girl is still in his arms, of course).  He took his time letting Daddy go and the watery eyes were evident. So, mine were too.

Lastly, we picked up our oldest.  She waved at me from down the hallway at school, smiled, and then must have spotted Daddy behind me (or saw someone was holding her little sister) because she dropped her stuff and bolted past me into Daddy’s arms.  She was in full tears but will a full smile.

It was a great surprise and a great day.  Now, excited to begin our Spring Break visit together as a family all together again.

I have so enjoyed this month sharing slices with you for Slice of Life Challenge.  I plan to continue to share but may not be daily.  I hope to continue sharing slices on Tuesdays each week.  Thank you for reading and slicing with me.


proxyDuring the month of March 2016, I will be completing a daily blog as part of the Slice of Life Story Challenge! More Slice of Life posts from Day 31 can be found on Two Writing Teachers.

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