Above the Stars by Geoffrey Norman – Teaching Literary Skills with Picture Books

I am sharing a book a day for the next 30+ days. Picture books that can be used to teach literary skills to middle or high school students. Just because they are in the older grades doesn’t mean that picture books can’t be a great resource on its own or as a paired passage. Here is #5

Above the Stars by Geoffrey Norman

Description from Amazon:

51dtNwzTgAL._SX409_BO1,204,203,200_A little girl and her soldier father find a way to be close even when he’s away at war.

Amanda is scared of the dark. But her dad can fix that. He shows Amanda all the wonderful things that live in the dark, like fireflies, crickets, and stars. And when her father has to go away, he even puts glowing paper stars on Amanda’s bedroom ceiling, so she can look at their special star while he’s away and know he’s on the other side of the world looking at it too, and thinking of her.

Literary Skills that can be taught with the book Above the Stars?

– What items might Amanda’s father share with her that are not scary at night?

– Why does Amanda’s father have to leave for a long time?
– How do Amanda and her father stay connected while he is away?
– What surprise do you think Amanda wants to complete for her father?

Extension Activity
– Research star constellations  or – Draw a star constellation

Personal Connection
– Parent in the military
– Deployment of a loved one

Paired Passage
– Pair with article on homecoming of deployed soldier discussing the emotion represented in the article and the book


Above the Stars by Geoffrey Norman can be found on Amazon click HERE

Want more? There is more and can be found on the resource at TpT.

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