Intro To Twitter – Lone Nut or First Follower?

I love Twitter! It has become my go-to for professional development. PD I can do in my PJs and the time and place convenient for me. And I can choose the topics that are relevant to me and my professional growth. It has broadened my teaching practices and introduced me to numerous strategies, educators, and brought fun back into learning.

I wanted to share this gem with the teacher’s in my district, so professional development, Intro to Twitter was planned, prepped, and facilitated. I first started with what had kept me from Twitter in the past…”It is just for celebrities!” or “What is with the #hashtag?” I spoke to this after the teachers watched the Jimmy Fallon and JT skit on #hashtags. This was my thought and I am sure for many this is how they work. But for educators they open a world of professional development and like minded communities. From these like minded educators I also wanted to showcase the many tools I have found thanks to Twitter and my PLN. I put together the slideshow and presented it to show a few, talking about many others.

I was able to turn to my PLN (Professional Learning Network) for help in telling my teachers why Twitter could benefit them. We had great discussions on how Twitter can be used to help their professional growth and their students.

This PD was #11 after a 10 session series and I had a two-fold purpose in the #HCSPD chat used for my Intro to Twitter session. First we discussed Twitter, signed on and created accounts, and went over the options of like, reply, quote, and retweet. After they all sent their inaugural tweet, I introduced the teachers to Tweetdeck and had them open a column for our hashtag (#HCSPD). The second purpose was to ask and have them answer questions to reflect on the PD they had with me this school year.

I had a blast showing teachers how to use Twitter and they had rich discussions on how not only to use Twitter for their own growth but in their classrooms as well. I ended with showing them the “Lone Nut” video and challenged them to be the first follower in their school and bring other teachers along with them into the world of Twitter.

I have enjoyed being the Lone Nut in my district and embraced those brave enough to follow me into Twitter. All of commented on the rewards in doing so. If you are on the fence about joining Twitter or sharing with others in your building…don’t walk but run to do both!!

What have you learned from Twitter?

3 thoughts on “Intro To Twitter – Lone Nut or First Follower?

  1. This is great! The best PD is the PD you find for yourself, what interests you and what you need at that moment in time. Twitter as a form of PD hasn’t taken off with my colleagues, but with reason. We are PDd to death. A literal Death by PD. But I love it! Can’t wait to check out the other things you refer to in your piece. Thanks.

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  2. Again, I have read a SOL that comforts me with the change that I’m experiencing with my job. I really appreciate your celebration of the connections we can make with social media. I am passionate about it, but I love being a teacher too. I am glad to read all of your positivity that I have experienced as well.

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