Once Upon the Element – Analyzing Narrative Structure

Following the Notice & Note Nonfiction PD, I had to share the Signposts for Fiction also. I am a lover of literature and an avid reader like many ELA teachers are so I love to teach a novel or book to my students. However, the way the state test are written does not lend itself to knowing the book that I have chosen in and out but being able to decode, analyze, and understand any text presented to them.

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I began to look for resources to help students delve into fictional texts, so that they could analyze them. I ran across the Notice & Note book by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst. My Twitter PLN helped direct me in this area and I am forever grateful. I also had the opportunity to attend a workshop with these two authors and if you get the chance…GO!

I shared a few Signpost strategies, some resources I had made to analyze fictional texts, and how to incorporate video media and picture books into the analysis as well.

Resources on The Necklace can be found in my Stanton’s ELA Workshop

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