The Perfect Snowflake- Teaching Literary Skills with Picture Books

#28 of the picture books that I am sharing for the next 30+ days. Picture books that can be used to teach literary skills to middle or high school students. Just because they are in the older grades doesn’t mean that picture books can’t be a great resource on its own or as a paired passage.

The Perfect Snowflake- Teaching Literary Skills with Picture Books

Description from Amazon:615wD7RkjAL._SX430_BO1,204,203,200_

Featuring beautiful illustrations with a sparkly, eye-catching cover that kids will love, this fun story explores the magic of snow! At the end of the book, kids are given instructions on how to create a paper snowflake of their very own. The perfect mix of reading skill development and creativity, this book is a wonderful way to get the whole family involved in engaging early readers.

Literary Skills that can be taught with the book The Perfect Snowflake?


  • misty
  • shimmered
  • vanishing
  • dazzle
  • fluttered
  • sequins


  • Why would the author use the word “magical” to describe snow?
  • What imagery does the words “swirled and twirled” give to the snowflakes?
  • What sense is used to draw imagery from the phrase “sparkly diamonds”?

    Figurative Language

  • What does Emma mean by “They shimmered in the light like sparkly diamonds”? What type of figurative language is this?
  • What figuraCve language allows snowflakes to “dance in the sky”? Explain
  • “Real snowflakes dazzle like diamonds in the snow!” This is an example of what figurative language? Why would the author describe snowflakes in this way?


  • What can we infer about Emma that she has never seen snow before?
  • How do you think Emma felt when she went outside the next day to find the snow melted?
  • Why did Emma’s mother make the paper snowflake?

    Extension Activity

  • Have students create their own snowflake.
  • They could all copy the template from the book for the same snowflake or have them create their own for a variety
  • Students could write wishes on them, for example: of something they have never done, like Emma having never played in the snow
  • Winter Project: Hang them around the room in anCcipaCon of a snow day

    Paired Passage
    Poem: “Cynthia in the Snow” by Gwendolyn Brooks

The Perfect Snowflake can be found on Amazon click HERE

Want more? There is more and can be found on the resource at TpT.

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