Resource RoundUP PD Reflection

As a teacher, I always enjoyed professional development that was geared toward my needs and I left with strategies or resources that I could implement immediately. So when planning my professional development,  I wanted to make sure there were plenty of sessions that teachers could pick and choose what to attend.

In Virginia the VDOE stipulates how points are earned for PD as follows:

1) You get one point per clock/contact hour
2) Must be a minimum of five hours per activity. The five hours do not have to be consecutive.

This meant that teachers would have to attend a minimum of five hours of my sessions in order to get points. I decided to offer 10 sessions ranging from 1 hour to 1.25 hours in order to help teachers toward their goal of 5 hours. I was excited when many went over their 5 hours.

These ten sessions came from class observations, talking with teachers about what they wanted, and sharing resource I had created. I even added an 11th session to share more when they asked about an additional resource. I blogged about each one as they occurred to reflect and share. This blog is a way to have them all linked in one place.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 5.30.16 PM

Session #1 – A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words
Learning Intention: To learn to incorporate visual media into the lessons to help students learn, retain, and recall information.

Session #2 – Two Texts Are Better Than One
Learning Intention: To learn how to incorporate paired passages into lessons in order to help meet each student’s needs.Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.41.50 PM

Session #3 – Footprints Throughout Sports
Learning Intention: To learn about some Civil Rights moves toward equality that were made over the years through different sports.

Session #4 – Hamburger & Hotdog: A Foldable BBQ
Learning Intention: To learn to use the art of folded paper to engage my students and enhance their learning of language arts skills.

Session #5 – What’s in a Word? Vocabulary Stations
Learning Intention: To learn strategies to enhance the teaching of vocabulary in context of a text while using stations to engage students.

Session #6 – Leveling the Playing Field: Using Differentiated Groups
Learning Intention: Learn to use differentiated selections in reading instruction to engage all students at their level.516dsrPeFDL._SX375_BO1,204,203,200_

Session #7 – I Still Love Picture Books, Don’t You?
Learning Intention: To learn the many valuable functions of picture books in a secondary setting to teach literary skills and engage

Session #8 – Finding the Buried Treasure
Learning Intention: To learn to help students dig deep into nonfictional text to find the meaning and dig with purpose.

Session #9 – Once Upon the Element
Learning Intention: To learn how to instruct students to move past identifying elements of a story to analyzing each in fiction.

Session #10 – Pathways to Success
Learning Intention: To learn how to help my students plan for success with gradual due dates and scheduled time lines for projects and reports.

Unknown-4Session #11 – Intro to Twitter
Learning Intention: To learn to use Twitter for professional development and educational chats while reflecting on my own learning over the course of the school year.

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Please feel free to click on the link of any PD you are interested in or check out my TpT store, Stanton’s ELA Workshop, for great resources for 4th – 10th ELA.

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