Believe in your Students Every Day!

It is that time of year with state testing, pep talks, Kudos and remediation. I have walked through the halls of the schools I support and wonder why the enthusiasm and support shown to the students is not shown year round. Posters line the hallways, hanging from ceilings and adorning the walls. Students are given high-fives and “job well done” when they pass their test. My hope is that this support and belief in students begins the minute a teacher receives their roster and continues till the very last day of school.

What if we as teachers made posters to show the brilliance of students every day? Imagine the atmosphere of a school that supports student growth with the same energetic high-five as the passing score? Allowing students to believe in their potential everyday and not just testing day can be powerful and much more lasting. If we spend the entire school year celebrating with our students the successes of their growth they won’t need our last minutes chimes of “you can do it” at the end. The goal is for the students to tell me as they head into state testing…”I got this”.

So, make the posters, have the chants, pep up your students, but do so EVERY day!!!

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