Overjoyed with Open House

I am in the middle of my first military PCS move.  I say middle because although I am in my new home…my husband, children, and furniture are not. I am not sure how these moves usually go but this one is not going smoothly.  Husband is due home from overseas after a year away tomorrow night (AHHHHHHHH). I’m excited! Children are back in Virginia with Nana and Papa until this weekend since household goods (everything on the moving truck) is due to arrive Friday.  I am currently living in a big ole house that I purchased without ever stepping inside while still in Virginia.  I am on a air mattress and living out of a suitcase. There were also countless other hurdles and roadblocks along the way. This can all be discouraging and I began to question if this move was the best thing for me and my family.

I am in Georgia early, before furniture and husband, because I have a teaching job and school starts Monday.  I have been busy preparing my room, meeting my co-workers, and attending pre-year training. As the pressures of getting ready for a year of school loomed, I again began to question what I was doing. I came from a divisional level position to go back to the classroom and began to worry if I would still be able to relate to the students after working primarily with teachers for the past two years. Which brings us to last night’s Open House for 6th graders at Grovetown Middle School.

After meeting 25 of the 26 students in my homeroom, countless others from my other blocks, and their parents, I am overjoyed to be at Grovetown Middle. I was able to quickly and successfully relate to each student. I had terrific conversations with their parents and eased a few jittery spirits. I have never had such a successful open house and knew when I turned out my light that I had made the best decision in accepting the position at GTMS. It made me a bit emotional knowing the potential that lay before me with this group of eager learners. It is going to be a great year and I am excited that you will be able to read along as I reflect on our journey.

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